Dinner with a Cannibal
by Carole A. Travis-Henikoff
Dinner with a Cannibal - The Complete History of Mankind's Oldest Taboo
by Carole A. Travis-Henikoff  •  Foreword by Christy G. Turner II


Dinner with a Cannibal is the culmination of seven years of fascinating research. Throughout, and prior to, those years of investigation, there were friends and professionals who encouraged me, aided me, guided me, questioned me and stood by with words of knowledge and wisdom.

I wish to thank:

Ann Evans Berthoff, professor emerita, University of Massachusetts, Boston, who reviewed and edited my work as chapters took form. Her critical eye, humor, enthusiasm and encouragement were invaluable. On the day I met her she read the chapter entitled "Dinner with a Cannibal". Looking up she said, "This is the title of your book." And so it is.

Christy G. Turner II, Former Regents Professor of Anthropology, Arizona State University, author of Man Corn, and leading researcher on the subject of cannibalism, provided in-depth editing and information. His help, advice and knowledge are greatly appreciated.

Dr. Garniss Curtis, professor emeritus of geology, University of California, Berkeley, for long hours of reading, his dedication to accuracy, his integrity and, most of all, for his friendship over the course of many years.

Professor Ralph Holloway, Department of Anthropology, Columbia University, for his constant encouragement and for keeping me on track and never letting me give up.

Dr. Alan J. Almquist, California State University, Hayward, Department of Anthropology, author and former grants and programs officer for the L.S.B. Leakey Foundation, provided substantive editing and relevant comments - I owe him dinner.

Others who made a difference are the following professors, authors, professionals and mentors in the fields of paleoanthropology, archaeology, gastronomy, primatology, brain research, psychiatry, geology, genetics, law, particle physics and religion: John Morgan Allman, Juan Luis Arsuaga, Berhane Asfaw, Jean Auel, Carol Beckwith, Ron J. Clarke, Anna Belfer- Cohen, Leigh Bienen, Robert Bloominshiem, C.K. Brain, Alison Brooks, Larry Burton, Frank Brown, Daniel Buxhoeveden, Basil Cooke, John Costello, Eric Delson, Harold Dibble, Jan Fawcet, Angela Fisher, Jacob H. Fox, Birute M.F. Galdikas, Jane Goodall, Lance Grande, Jack Harris, Henry Harpending, Erima Henare, Kevin D. Hunt, Donald C. Johanson, Jean Joho, Alan Kahn, Leon Lederman, Rena Lederman, Roger Lewin, Shirley Lindenbaum, Alan Mann, Ian McDougall, William McGrew, James F. O'Connell, Yoel Rak, Rudy Raff, William Rice, Kathy Schick, Sileshi Semaw, Gabino Sotelino, Dietrich Stout, Carl Swisher, Ian Tattersall, Alan Thorne, Phillip Tobias, Nicholas Toth, Jill Van Cleave, Paola Villa, Tim White, Hans Willimann, Milford Wolpoff and John Yellen.

And in remembrance: J. Desmond Clark, Betty Baume Clark, F. Clark Howell and Raymond Dart.

To Joan Travis, without whom I could have never entered into the inner sanctum of paleoanthropology, I owe an unpayable debt of gratitude.

And to my Australian friend, Alex Harris, who, in 1998, gave me the book Cannibals, Cows & the CJD Catastrophe, which inspired the formulation of a hypothesis concerning the demise of the Neanderthals, which, in turn, prompted research into the topic of cannibalism that led to the writing of this book - a very large thank you indeed.

I am also indebted to Susan Heffron and Gretchen Notzold of the Teton County, Wyoming branch library in Alta, who pulled through with out-of-print volumes; Michael Harrison and Therry Frey for loaning me their unique volumes on New Guinea; Dr. Michael Huckman for allowing me time with his prized volumes, John McCarter for use of the Field Museum's library; and David Coolidge for sending me the book Flyboys by James Bradley.

Last, but never least, go hugs to my husband, Dr. Leo M. Henikoff, a harsh, unflagging editor who stood by - or went fishing - through more than seven years of research, travel and writing . . . even though, during the first two years of this project, he referred to me as "The Ghoul," and in the same breath, asked when dinner would be ready.

And of course, there is my publisher, Jeffrey Goldman, whose excitement, talents and dedication to the publication of Dinner with a Cannibal proved to be prodigious.