Dinner with a Cannibal
by Carole A. Travis-Henikoff
Dinner with a Cannibal - The Complete History of Mankind's Oldest Taboo
by Carole A. Travis-Henikoff  •  Foreword by Christy G. Turner II


"The chief source of trouble for most writers is being unsure of what their readers need to know. This is not a problem for Carole A. Travis-Henikoff. Without condescension or pretentiousness, she takes you along with her so that you can see how she came to frame the searching questions she poses for her readers as well as specialists."

 -ANN E. BERTHOFF, professor emerita of English, University of Massachusetts, Boston

"Travis-Henikoff's book is a must read for anyone who wants a quick, thorough, witty study of history, geography, sociology, anthropology, archaeology, nutrition, ritual, religion and philosophy. Her comprehensive research is mind-boggling. Her wit and humor are refreshing, and her insight into human nature is impressive. This is a well-written page-turner.

And, if I could write the curriculum for all the high schools of the world, Dinner With A Cannibal would be a mandatory one-year course where every student would be required to write an essay on each and every chapter. To my mind this book comes very close to all anyone needs to know in the realm of a liberal arts education."

 -ROSEMARY ENNIS, Ph.D., Western Behavioral Sciences Institute, La Jolla, California

"Dinner with a Cannibal is so easy to read and so full of fabulous info that after reading it I became the world's greatest dinner conversationalist; obviously a best seller."

 -JAMEE FIELD, Lake Forest, IL

"This book addresses the practice that sustains the life of everything living thing on the planet -- eating! Travis-Henikoff's writing style cultivates a voracious appetite to read on, and on, and on.

One needs both good reasoning and seasoning to write this kind of book so excellently. Carole Travis' reasoning is perfect, and her seasoning of the materials is always unexpectedly great. Her scholarship on the topic truly is remarkable and her style of writing is superb. Reading her book has sent me on several occasions to original references just to check her accuracy. I have yet to find an error.

The book is a great read, and helps us undertand the reasons for cannabalism in our history and to anticipate conditions of the future that might foster the practice of cannibalism rather broadly.

Don't miss this book!"

 -DUANE RUMBAUGH professor emeritus of Biology and Psychology, Georgia State University

"Dinner with a Cannibal is a fascinating, fact and history filled read that speaks to many of the societal problems we are facing today."

 -GARY SOJKA, professor of Biology and President emeritus of Bucknell University PA

"Dinner With A Cannibal is one of those works that I really look forward to reading - actually make time to read. Part of the reason is simply the opportunity to learn - learn about our past, different cultures, a new perspective on being human. I must say that you have done a remarkable job in researching the topic - the breadth and depth of the work are impressive."

 -DR. DENNIS TORRETTI MD, chairman department of medicine, associate chief medical officer, Geisinger Health System

(After reading the first chapter of Dinner With A Cannibal, Jill Van Cleave wrote:)

"...Yet, today I eat menudo and love it. Yes to sweetbreads anytime. Ditto brains and eggs as long as it is cooked. Bill (Jill's husband, Bill Rice, just retired food and wine editor for the Chicago Tribune) ordered tete de veau in Paris when mad cow was blazing a trail through England and licked the platter clean. We ate lamb intestines soup in Athens one early Easter morning with friends to break the fast. And then proceeded to cook a whole baby goat on a spit in the front yard like all the other neighbors. Did I like it - you better believe it. But would I eat live monkey brains - raw - not on a big Las Vegas bet. I don't think I could do the bugs bit either."

 -JILL VAN CLEAVE, food writer/researcher

"I am a longtime freind of Carole's and was fortunate enough to read her manuscript before publication. From the first page, on through the entire manucript, I was astonished by her research into the subject of cannabilism, as well as the history of humanity. Only Carole could, through her style of writing, make something considered a taboo, so fascinating and entertaining. I cant' wait to read it again!"

 -KIM CARLSON, importer

"Dinner With A Cannibal divulges the adventitious elements of cannibalism spanning species, generations, and the globe. Expeditiously researched, Travis-Henikoff crosses delineations of morality, necessity, and custom while her on target style adds personality and resonance to repasts, superstitions, and even the unthinkable."

 -MARK E. HERVIG, Ph.D., atmospheric and research scientist

"Carole once read aloud to me several passages from the manuscript, and hearing her voice the opening chapter in her clear rich tones drew me in . . . what sets Carole apart is her inquisitive ability to delve into self and the world around her to understand one of the oldest practices on earth. Filled with eloquence and conviction, Dinner With A Cannibal is not one to put down."

 -CARLEN W. HERVIG, M.S. CCC-SLP, speech language pathologist

"Carole, you wrote a wonderful book that pleased me highly. The human mind is really curious; I can answer for my own. In DWAC you have bravely made all of us, your readers, realize that cannibalism is part of who and what we are. In my mind, you have humanized the act and the actor. Mmmm good..."

 -JM VELASCO, FACS, FCCM, professor of surgery, Rush University, chairman department surgery, Rush North Shore Medical Center, Chicago

"Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of reading your manuscript. You have left the reader with being educated on the subject of cannibalism without stating your likes or dislikes on the subject, and have done a fantastic job in bringing cannibalism out in the open in modern words and situations. I enjoyed the last line of your book; it is so true."

 -SUSAN HEFFRON, Teton County branch librarian, Alta, Wyoming

"About 5 minutes ago I finished devouring Dinner with a Cannibal, and it was really fabulous. The ending was so powerful that I got chills! This book has taught me so much about our development and tendencies as humans, and about what we're capable of when our culture tells us something is 'normal.' Thanks again for dedicating 7 years (and a whole lot of previous life experience) to creating a truly mind-expanding book!
You'll be happy to know that the Cincinnati Public Library already owns a copy. I am putting in requests at the University of Cincinnati Library, and the Grand Rapids Public Library, so hopefully you'll have many more readers before long. I plan to mention it on my upcoming blog on my website kylewerner.com."

 -KYLE WERNER composer

"A taste of reality - Dinner with a Cannibal presents a refreshing, insightful examination of possibly the single barrier many insist separates the civilized from the savage. It is not merely the gruesome details of survival in extremis, although that is covered, but the cultural consumption of one's own species for one's own betterment. Cannibalism becomes a "normal" culturally protected activity. Travis-Henikoff's research was excellent. The topic presented clearly. I will not say deliciously. I am reconsidering my daughter's admonition to become a vegetarian."


"You too, cannibal!? - When one mentions cannibals, we cringe as an image comes to mind of men dacing around a cauldron boiling another human. Many do not realize that we, too, may be cannibals, most people are! How is that, you say? Travis-Henikoff's Dinner with a Cannibal delves into the history of cannibalism with gusto leaving nary a culture uninvestigated, including us. I joined the cannibal clan at three years old, when did you? Wonderfully written and entertaining, it humorously answers that question, but the book is no joke. It is a well researched, scholarly work into man's indulgence in any sort of human substance."