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  Carole A. Travis-Henikoff, author


CAROLE  A. TRAVIS-HENIKOFF is an author, businesswoman, rancher and independent scholar specializing in Paleoanthropology - the study of human origins. She has given lectures on Paleoanthropology at Loyola University (Chicago) and Rush University Medical Center (Chicago), and has taught anthropology to grammar, middle, and high school students. She sits on the board of directors for The Stone Age Institute. Her independent studies have taken her from the American Museum of Natural History to the Institute of Human Origins to Madrid, Spain and Oaxaca, Mexico. She worked with the Getty Conservation team on the conservation of artifacts at the Cairo museum in Egypt, and participated in an archeological dig alongside Desmond Clark, Tim White, Nicholas Toth, and Kathy Schick under the auspices of the Institute of Human Origins. She divides her time between Chicago, Illinois, and Wyoming.
CHRISTY  G. TURNER II is Regents Professor of anthropology at Arizona State University. He is the author of The Anthropology of Modern Human Teeth and Man Corn: Cannibalism and Violence in the Prehistoric American Southwest. He lives in Tempe, Arizona.

In a "previous life" Carole wrote cookbooks and food columns having been born to a master chef and restaurateur who had cooked for the King of Denmark prior to immigrating to America.

Her cookbooks include:

• STAR FOOD by Carole Andersen Travis, Teton Publishing House, 1981 - Drawings by Kim E. Burroughs.
Over 275 choice recipes featuring the best from the two famous Danish restaurants favored by Hollywood's great - Carl Andersen's Chatam and Kenneth Hansen's Scandia.

• STAR FOOD REVISITED by Carole A. Travis-Henikoff, 2003, Homestead Publishing

Carole is currently researching and writing on sex; the good, bad, beautiful, ugly and history of the subject.

The following is an excerpt from her intro:

"If you could stand before a vibrant painting of colors depicting the immense subject of sex you'd see the artist's entire paint box splattered and splashed across the canvas. There would be incredible areas of warm and glowing colors depicting love, passion, desire, joy, fulfillment and romance, while a vast array of bright colors would portray passions of the flesh; jealousy, longing, rejection, cheating, beliefs, rules and sexual differences. There would also be areas of deep darkness showing brutality, from emotional to physical including slavery, rape, mutilation and extreme violence...even unto torture and murder. Scattered throughout would be thin brilliant threads of white denoting the firing of neurons in human brains - more than seven billion of them - all sexually geared according to their genes and up-bringing. And behind it all, almost imperceptible yet ubiquitous and powerful, would be the light that influences all life forms towards bonding and breeding prompted by brain chemicals which bring forth needy emotions and greedy passions that lift and drive the spirit, which in turn code for the survival of Natures myriad species...when things work properly, humans call it Love.

Some years back I inadvertently got into subjects once labeled Taboo. As I began my research I found that many such subjects had been recently labeled as false under the banner of political correctness and revisionist history - regardless of recorded history, first-hand accounts, photos, film footage and more. So began a time of constant research. Seven years later Dinner With A Cannibal: The Complete History of Mankind's Oldest Taboo was published in 2008 by Santa Monica Press, and was followed by PASSINGS: Death, Dying and Unexplained Phenomena in 2010 ... a volume that took twenty years to put into final form.

Having consumed Cannibalism and survived Death I felt passionately driven to cover the subject of Sex."

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